Audio Stories:
Millions of U.S. apples were almost left to rot. Now, they'll go to hungry families  (NPR - Morning Edition)
New approaches to treating mental health (WHYY - The Pulse) [14:10-20:00]
End-of-life caregiving (WHYY - The Pulse[36:45-40:00]
For the sake of boredom. (WHYY - The Pulse)
Remote workers seek a new work-life balance in Mexico City. (WHYY - The Pulse)
'Am I gonna become obsolete?' How older workers are being left behind by A.I. (WHYY - The Pulse)
Searching for a lost self after traumatic brain injury. (WHYY - The Pulse)
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Quitting. (WHYY - The Pulse)
Getting rejected (WHYY - The Pulse) [13:15-15:30]
Capoeira's roots spread wide in Philadelphia. (WHYY - The Pulse)
How satellite internet might hurdle Iranian censorship. (WHYY – The Pulse)
'I would get out tomorrow if I could' (Generation Pandemic)
'I never thought I'd hear my pastor say stuff like that' (Generation Pandemic)

They found their home in college. Then it closed forever. (Washington Post)
For these young people, the pandemic has been harsh. Here are their hopes for the future. (Washington Post)
At The Crossroads (Pennsylvania Gazette)
Penn After Midnight (Woodlands Magazine)
Moments In Time (Omnia)
Generation Pandemic (t-art)
Risky Sampling (t-art)
Alex Rex: Materialize the Immaterial (t-art) 
Breaking Down Cholent (Penn Appetit)

Academic Research:
Persistence of Hyper-Ramified Microglia in Porcine Cortical Gray Matter after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. (Biomedicines)

Press and Presentations:
What's In My Tape? Alumni in Audio Storytelling (Kelly Writers House)
Two Penn students road-tripped across America to document the pandemic's impact on their generation (Philadelphia Inquirer)
Radio Times Interview (WHYY)
Smart Talk Interview (WITF)
Neighbors and Newsrooms Summit (WHYY)
Generation Pandemic (The Philadelphia Citizen)
A generation shaped by a pandemic (Penn Today)
Generation Pandemic presentation (Kelly Writers House)
Generation Pandemic: A Monument to Our Young People (34th Street Magazine)